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Carlingford Headboard
5ft x 30" King Size Headboard. Displayed in Grey Velvet - Flush Fit Finish

Carlingford Headboard
Displayed: 5ft x 32" King Size in White Leatherette

3ft 189.   4ft 259.   4ft 6" 275.   5ft 295.   6ft 359.
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Headboard Options
Standard Finish
Headboards are filled with luxurious foam and fitted with wooden struts to attach to bed
When fitted to bed base the headboard sits out approximately a half inch (15mm) from wall.
Flush Fit Finish
The perimeter of the back of headboard is made a little deeper and supplied with wall
mount fittings.
This takes more wood, fabric and time to make but gives the headboard
a slightly more luxurious look as it hides the wall fittings and sits flush to wall.
If choosing this finish please add to price:
3ft 30. 4ft 40. 4ft 6" 45. 5ft 50. 6ft 60.

We supply MDF wood wall mount fittings with our headboards. With wall mounted headboards, we recommend that the customer should source and use any extra fittings required to secure and safely attach the headboard to the wall.

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Kinsale Headboard
Displayed: 5ft x 30" King Size in Sussex Beige Velvet

3ft. 189.   4ft 259.   4ft 6" 275.   5ft 295.   6ft 359.
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Cork Headboard
Displayed: 5ft x 32" (153 x 82cm) King Size in Malta Dark Grey Fabric and Black Trim

This headboard comes in Flush Fit Finish as standard

4ft 299.   4ft 6" 319.   5ft 359.   6ft 429.
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Carlingford Headboard

Kinsale Headboard
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