You’d like to change your room’s atmosphere without turning everything upside down? Try out the Mademoiselle Tiss 100 % fabric headboards and dress or undress your room as you wish! For Mademoiselle Tiss, changing headboards should be as easy as changing T-shirts. Therefore, the designer invented the exclusive " Quick and Easy " system to switch headboards easily in less than 3 minutes. No screws or nails required. And because Mademoiselle Tiss is fond of paintings, she reinvented the concept of headboards by combining high quality fabric with contemporary art through a very elegant collection of headboards featuring works by talented artists. And of course, just like you, Mademoiselle Tiss also enjoys changing her interior decoration as seasons go by. Therefore, we renew our collections twice a year to offer our customers a genuine fashion show. Pioneer and innovative, Mademoiselle Tiss is a French company created in 2007 by Wilfrid d' Angleville, young entrepreneur passionate about decoration and contemporary art, and supporting the concept of Made in France a French-style touch.

Mademoiselle Tiss Headboards are now available to order from The Headboard Company with the option of also being made as a fully upholstered headboard.

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Le Havane
Sizes 160 x 70cm   -  180 x 70cm

5ft x 25" (160 x 70cm) King Size Headboard
Fabric Wall Cover Only  €95 - Delivery Included 

Upholstered Headboard fitted with wooden struts - Delivery Included

Le Havane
Sizes: 160 x 140cm  -  180 x 140cm

La Mode A Paris
Sizes: 160 x  70cm  -    180 x  70cm
Sizes: 160 x 140cm   -  180 x 140cm

King Size 5ft x 25" (160 x 70cm) King Size Headboard
Fabric Wall Cover Only €95 - Delivery Included  
Upholstered Headboard Fitted with wooden struts - Delivery Included

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